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We often deliver presentations or produce documents that we feel are of general interest. Also we come across websites that we feel are also of general interest.

Documents here are for you to download and use, all we ask is that you play fair: a, do not modify them and b, credit where they came from.  Not all the material here is from UA Tech Serv and you should check with copyright holders before publishing anything. Thank You.

  1. Free Microsoft Anti-Virus Tools. – By Microsoft
  2. Keeping safe on the internet. – By UA Technology Services Ltd
  3. How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking. – By
  4. Privacy is important. This is how to lock it down. – By Comparitech
  5. There’s no way to stop children viewing porn in Starbucks – By Cory Doctorow
  6. The Top 500 Worst Passwords of All Time – From
  7. Social Media Explained – By Roy Russell
  8. How a Web Browser Works – From Google Plus Posted by
  9. A refresher course on Facebook privacy controls – By Patrick Marshall
  10. GCHQ – Can You Crack it? – By Dr Gareth Owen
  11. Status conscious? Check out this social media flowchart – From
  12. Six free web editors for coders – By Jack Wallen From TechRepublic
  13. Myth of the Dying Mouse – By Johnny Chung Lee
  14. System Sweeper – By Microsoft
  15. TDS Killer – By Kaspersky
  16. ComboFix – By sUBS
  17. Microsoft Safety Scanner – By Microsoft
  18. Microsoft Security Essentials – By Microsoft
  19. The best way to manage multiple app updates – By Secunia
  20. Use Fences to subdivide your desktop – By Stardoc
  21. Speed up boot time – By Soluto
  22. Find out everything about your computer – By Topala Software Solutions.
  23. Take control of when your PC powers down – By WinMend
  24. Really Bad Power Point (And how to avoid it) – By Seth Godin –
  25. Action plan for organizing paperwork – From
  26. IT – What’s it all about? – By UA Technology Services Ltd

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