PC Review and Tune Up

Over time all computers will start to slow down. This is sometimes caused by Malware installing itself, but more often, than not it is caused by general usage. We can help you recover this lost performance, extending the life of your investment.

As with our other services, we will come to your location and review your system. During this process we will scan for Malware, remove anything that is causing a problem and perform general housekeeping functions.

We will review all aspects of your system and make recommendations where things could be improved and where expensive paid-for software licenses can be replaced with more cost effective (often free or very low cost) alternatives (thereby saving you expense in the future).

We will also review your security/backup arrangements and advise how things can be improved.

This process typically takes from 2-4 hours per PC and should be repeated periodically. As part of the service we will, where possible, leave you with the tools to be able to repeat much of the process yourself.

Contact Us to book an appointment or to discuss your needs further.


We will help you recover your lost speed

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