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UA Technology Services will support all the technology in your home or office (everything from Camera’s, Phones and Fax’s through to Tablets, Office PC’s, Networks and Out-sourced services). Our team of experienced consultants can help and advise with most of the technology that surrounds us in the modern world. Where we feel that further assistance is required, we will work with you to resolve any problems you may have. We work in collaboration with external companies, as required, and manage the situation to make sure that you always get the best deal and the best service possible.

We understand the frustration that can come from dealing with overseas help desks and will take that stress away from you: UA Technology Services is YOUR IT/Technology manager, located in London; we speak your language and we aim to find you the right solutions as soon as possible.

For Office and Home…

We will come to your location and review your systems (Hardware and Software). We will recommend actions that should be taken and industry best-practices. With our extensive experience and knowledge we can advise on alternative solutions that can be used to improve your current set up and reduce operating costs.

An example of this is a client for whom Fax was still an important part of their business process. Any failures of the fax system caused a great deal of inconvenience, a backlog of work, and potential lost business. We replaced the physical fax with an electronic computer-based system. The new system cannot fail, as the service provider has a very resilient infrastructure, and saved the cost of maintaining 2 phone lines for the incoming and outgoing faxes.

Another example is of a small startup firm that was facing the requirement of purchasing 5 new PC’s with a need for document production and storage plus email on each one.  This could easily have pushed them over their budget, but we recommended and implemented Microsoft Office 365.  They now have a small monthly charge (rather than a huge initial capital expense), full access for all the elements of MS Office, email and a host of other functionality they never knew about.  Additionally they can scale up or down as the need arises.

Call us BEFORE things go wrong

We will review all aspects of your system and make recommendations where things could be improved and where expensive paid-for software licenses can be replaced with more cost effective (often free or very low cost) alternatives (thereby saving you expense in the future).

We will also review your security/backup arrangements and advise how things can be improved.

Our support services are based on a sliding scale of fixed monthly fees (further information can be supplied by contacting us directly). For this you will receive free access to our telephone support lines and the appropriate amount of on-site support, which can be adjusted over time to reflect your changing needs.

Contact Us to book an appointment or to discuss your needs further.

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