Security Review

One of a company’s most important assets is its information: client/contacts databases, staff records, marketing information, etc. Information-loss due to accident (such as losing a laptop or USB data key) or design (information theft either electronically or physically) can have a great impact on a company. Both reputation and competitive edge can be damaged or lost and you can be exposed to litigation.

As with our other services, we will come to your location and review your systems and procedures. During this process we will scan for Malware and remove anything that could be causing a problem from a security perspective.

We will review all aspects of your system and make recommendations where things could be made more secure.

After discussing the current situation with you we will, where possible, implement solutions and/or formulate a plan as to how best to deal with any issues found.

This process typically takes from 2-4 hours per PC and should be repeated periodically. As part of the service we will, where possible, leave you with the tools to be able to repeat much of the process yourself.

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