New Vulnerability Found in Internet Explorer

You may have already read about new vulnerability found in Internet Explorer (All versions). Microsoft does not yet have a fix for this issue. Here are two things you can do to stay safe in the meantime: – If you have an alternative browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome, use it. – This exploit works primarily by luring you to infected sites. So practice safe surfing when using IE: do not click on links in emails unless you are certain they are safe. Do not click on links in unexpected pop-ups

This may also be time to think about working as a Standard (Restricted) user as opposed to an Administrator.

Below are links to the Microsoft Security Advisory and some commentary by Gizmodo

Microsoft Security Advisory 2963983

New Vulnerability Found in Every Single Version of Internet Explorer

And last, but not least…

Steve Gibson, from GRC, has just posted the following mitigation. I cannot attest to how good it is, or what effect it will have, but Steve is usually very good about such things (why is why I am posting it here.

A quick mitigation for Internet Explorer’s new 0-Day vulnerability

As always…

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